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Sean Anderson

Great quality LED parking lot light fixture with plenty of lumens. Very easy to install. I am always very surprised after installing them on how bright they actually are. I will always consider JQZ Lighting light fixture first before shopping anywhere else.

Thomas Adams

Bought lights from JQZ lighting, ranging from 150W high bays, 38W, 62W and these 115W wall packs. We have had very good success with all fixtures thus far. Customers are very please with these 200W high bays. EVERY time that we install them. The amount of light that they put out is great. We keep some of their fixtures in stock at all times.

Ben Shephard

I had a dark hallway in a business facility with low ceilings and surface fixtures. I swapped out the fixtures for 2x2 LED Panels. It worked out well to adjust the desired light thanks to the adjustable output and color. I adjusted them to 4000k and 30W and it looks bright and clean!

David Martinez

Their 240W UFO High Bays light up my warehouse like daytime! Not only that, it makes my property looks much cleaner and safer! Will definitely shop at JQZ Lighting again if I ever need some LED lights in the future!

Michael Thompson

I recently replaced my outdated fluorescent lights with these beautiful LED frame lights, and I couldn't be happier with the transformation. Not only do they provide exceptional illumination, but they also add a touch of modern elegance to my space. Lots of customers who walk into my store say they like the lights. Highly recommend to anyone!